Canvas TurnItIn Error: Post Date Error fix

This article pertains to course sites that have copied content from other course sites that use Turnitin for some assignments. The copied content needs to fixed when the error below presents itself.

Description of issue

Assignments with due dates that are using the Turnitin external tool generate an error when copied into new course sites.  Instructors that click on the assignment in the new course site may see this error:

date_post-post date must be after start date


  1. From the assignment page, click the Edit Assignment Settings button.
  2. Note the dates from the assignment - you will need to restore them.
  3. Remove all dates from the assignment and click save. 
    • The dates tend to repopulate immediately after deleting them.  Just keep trying.
    • When it reloads you will see the Turnitin window below the assignment instructions. 
  4. Click the gear in the upper right.
  5. Change the dates inside Turnitin to the correct dates and save the Turnitin settings.
  6. Click the Edit Assignment Settings button, put in the dates back in, and click Save.


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