Canvas: TurningPoint Overview

What is TurningPoint?

TurningPoint is an engagement and assessment solution that supports student interaction and participation in real-time using a clicker or mobile device.

The U of MN OIT Academic Technologies provides support for an integration tool that enables instructors to synchronize their TurningPoint sessions with the student roster and gradebook in Canvas. With the TurningPoint LTI for Canvas instructors can export a roster of students from a Canvas course site into TurningPoint, track student participation data, and then import assessment data back into Canvas.

To use TurningPoint, students must set up a TurningPoint Account and purchase a license.

How to get a TurningPoint account

You can register and activate a Turning Technologies Account through Canvas.

Step 1. Enable Turning Point for your Canvas site

  1. Log into your Canvas site.
  2. Click on Settings in the left-side course navigation menu.
  3. Click on the Navigation tab.
  4. Find TurningPoint option  in the list of the hidden options and drag and drop to the top into the list of options that will be visible on your course navigation.
  5. Scroll down and click Save. The TurningPoint option should appear on your course navigation menu.

Step 2. Activate TurningPoint account

  1. Click TurningPoint on the course navigation menu. The link will take you to Turning Technologies login page. If you do not have an account, you can create one at this time. Otherwise, use your existing UMN login credentials.
  2. Under the Available Courses box in the lower left corner select Sign In. This will make all courses where you have a role as an Instructor available for use with the TurningPoint Canvas Integration.

    TurningPoint log in to Canvas

  3. Click Authorize to grant Turning Technologies access to your Canvas profile.

    TurningPoint authorization

  4. Click + Connect on any courses you want to use.

Use the TurningPoint App

  1. Download TurningPoint Software (desktop or web)
  2. Launch the App and sign in using your TurningTechnologies credentials.


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