Canvas: Review Announcements and Adjust Posting Dates

When you import a Canvas course into another Canvas course shell, announcement posting dates do not update even if you shifted the course dates during the import process. It can be tricky to understand how these copied over announcements behave in your new course. 

  • No Announcement will be sent while the new course is unpublished.
  • Any Announcement that does not have a delay post date will be viewable to students as soon as the course is published.
  • If an Announcement delay post date is set before the course publish date, students will be able to see the announcement in the new course, but they will not receive an email notification when the new course is published.

Therefore, once your course has imported, review your announcements and adjust posting dates BEFORE you publish your course. Delete an announcement in a course if you no longer need it.

Reviewing and adjusting Announcement posting dates

  1. Go to Announcements.
  2. Click the title of an announcement.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Make text changes as needed.
  5. Change the posting date if you want to send an announcement at a future date.
    1. Click the Delay posting checkbox
    2. Choose a Post At date and time in the future.
      Announcement Options; Delay posting option selected; Post At pop-up calendar shows selected posting date and time .
  6. Save.

When that date and time is reached, the announcement will go out.

For other resources on how to work with Announcements in your course site, see Canvas' Announcement Guides.


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