Canvas: Overview on Using iClicker

iClicker is an audience polling tool that lets instructors ask students questions during class and display their responses almost immediately. At the University, it is integrated into the Canvas course management system.

To use iClicker, students must have a device to record their response.

  • Students can purchase an iClicker remote at the University of Minnesota Bookstores at the start of the semester.
  • Instructors can rent iClicker remotes for departmental use. Contact the University of Minnesota Bookstore general information line at 612-625-6000 for more information.
  • Students can also use their own personal device, such as a phone, in place of an iClicker remote using the iClicker Student Mobile App.

Add iClicker to your site

  1. In the course menu on the left, click Settings.
  2. Click the Navigation tab.
  3. Find iClicker registration in the listing.
  4. Click Edit course navigation (gear icon) and select Enable.
  5. Move iClicker registration to where you want it to appear in the menu listing.
  6. Click SaveiClicker registration will now appear in the course menu on the left.

Resources for instructors using iClicker with Canvas

For access to all user guides and supporting software for using iClicker with Canvas, please enroll in the following Canvas course: Resources for using iClicker with Canvas.

Additional Resources

Purchase and Register an iClicker Remote (student resource)

For additional technical support visit or call toll-free 866-209-5698.