Canvas: Grade Group Assignments at the Individual Level After Applying a Group Grade

Group assignments offer the ability to grade groups of students, which typically saves time over grading individual students; this can be a real benefit to you and TAs alike. Once you have assigned a group grade, you always have the option to assign individual grades. 

Note: Use the Hide option until you have finished grading the assignment submissions. Otherwise, scores will be released to students immediately. 

This article covers how to assign a different grade to an individual after grading a group's assignment submission as a group.

Assigning an individual grade for group assignment after grading a group

After you have graded a group submission at the group level, you can change the assignment's settings to allow for assigning individual grades. 

  1. Grade the assignment as a group if you haven't done so already.
    • How do I grade group assignments in SpeedGrader?
      • If you are grading a No Submission assignment type, the group names will be greyed out in the SpeedGrader drop-down menu. Even so, you can select the group name and enter a grade. All students will receive the same grade.
  2. Go to the assignment and click Edit
  3. Scroll down to the Group Assignment options.
  4. Click the checkbox for Assign Grades to Each Student Individually.
    Group Assignment settings for an assignment that has already been graded as a group: This is a Group Assignment option is checked and greyed out; Assign Grades to Each Student individually option checked and highlighted. Group Set displays a Group Set; New Group Category button is greyed out; An information box states "Students have already submitted homework on this assignment, so group settings cannot be changed."
  5. Save the assignment. 
  6. Return to SpeedGrader and refresh the page. The SpeedGrader drop-down menu now displays student names instead of group names.
    • For a No Submission assignment type, you can select an individual even though student names will be greyed out. 
  7. Select the student whose grade you want to adjust. 
  8. Adjust the individual score as needed and include a comment.
    • Be sure to select the correct student from the SpeedGrader menu.
    • Be sure the option Send comment to this student only is selected unless you want your comment to go to the whole group.
    • Students will only be able to see their individual grade for the assignment in Canvas.


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