Canvas: Getting Started with Cengage MindTap

The Cengage Learning tool allows instructors to efficiently incorporate activities from Cengage alongside their own content in Canvas and to select whether the grade for a graded item will automatically flow into the Canvas gradebook. The process for setting up a new MindTap-Integrated course in Canvas, outlined below, will be the same for integrating any other supported Cengage platform, including SAM.

For instructors

Add the Cengage tool to your Canvas course (video)

  1. Contact your Cengage Learning Consultant to adopt a specific MindTap product. Once you receive an email from Cengage letting you know that your course materials are available in Canvas, continue to the next step to integrate the materials with your course in Canvas.
  2. Enable the Cengage tool in the course by making the Cengage link visible within your course navigation menu. For detailed instructions, see How do I manage Course Navigation links? The Cengage link in the course navigation menu is accessible to instructors and designers, and is not visible to students. You will use the Cengage link to set up your course in MindTap and to import the content and activities for your students to access within Canvas modules.

Link your Canvas account and Create a MindTap Course-Level Link

  1. Log into your Canvas course and click the Cengage link on the Course Navigation menu.
  2. When accessing the Cengage link for the first time, click Authorize. 
  3. You will be prompted to log in with your Cengage faculty account username and password. Click Login. This one-time process is required to link your Canvas and Cengage accounts.
  4. Select the title or product you are using in your course. The first time you access the product, you will be prompted to set up a new MindTap course. Fill in the required fields, and click Continue to import the course-level link for the MindTap course to Canvas.
  5. Return to the Canvas course and click Modules from the navigation menu. Confirm that the imported MindTap course link displays within a new Module.

Create Deep Links for Specific Learning Activities in Canvas (video)

Deep linking allows you to add links in Canvas that take students to a specific MindTap resource or activity. If you want the scores for a graded activity to synchronize to the Canvas gradebook, add a deep link to the activity into your course. Refer to the Instructor Guide for MindTap Integration in Canvas (PDF) for detailed instructions.

It is recommended that you add a deep link to Cengage Technical support, so that students and instructors can open support tickets with the Cengage LMS Technical Support team from within the Canvas course.

Once an integrated Canvas course has been set up, the course content is easily imported to a new Canvas course (for teaching a separate section or a future term) where it is then associated to a new copy of the MindTap course, as described in Copy Your MindTap-Integrated Course in Canvas.

Additional resources

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Cengage Product Support

For help, go to: the Cengage Support website or call the Cengage Support line at: (800) 648-7450, Option 2.