Canvas: Cross-List (Merge) Course Sites or Sections

You can manage course and section enrollments in a single course site using the Canvas cross-list (merge) function.

When to Cross-list

Cross-listing is helpful when:

  • A course has multiple sections and uses the same content.
  • There are undergraduate/graduate/honors courses using the same content.
  • An interdisciplinary course is offered through and taught by multiple departments/colleges/campuses.

Cross-listing course sites and sections

  1. If you are new to teaching with cross-listed sections, read Canvas Guide: Multi-Section Courses in Canvas (Google doc), a comprehensive guide for teaching multi-section courses, to understand the implications and best practices for teaching with cross-listed sections. 
  2. Follow the steps in How do I cross-list a section in a course as an instructor?
    • The steps in this article can be followed for cross-listing courses that are within the same discipline (e.g. a lab and lecture course) or courses that are across two separate disciplines (e.g. HIST and ENG courses). However, the person doing the cross-listing must have permission to access both courses as either a Designer or Teacher. 
    • When cross-listing, you can allow students to view users in other sections or limit them to only interact with other users in the same section.
  3. Contact [email protected] to request a title change that reflects the cross-listed sections.

Note: Contact [email protected] if you need to undo any cross-listings.

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