Box: Log Into Box Mobile Apps


If you have not yet done so, download the appropriate Box app for your specific device.

Box Mobile will only work on HST owned devices; it is not for personal devices.

Logging into Box

  1. Open the app on your device.
  2. It should be giving you the option to Log In or Sign Up. Choose Log In.
  3. On the next screen do not enter your credentials yet, choose the option to Use Single Sign On (SSO) under the Log In button.
    A screenshot showing the location of Use Single Sign On (SSO) on the Box mobile app
  4. On the next screen where it says email address enter your full University of Minnesota email address and click Log In.
    The email section of box after choosing Single Sign On SSO with an example email in the box
  5. This should bring you to the University of Minnesota sign on screen where you can sign on using your Internet ID and your usual password (same as email etc.)
  6. Once you have accepted the Duo push you will get a notification that you need to setup a passcode on your device. Setup a 4 digit passcode.
    • Note: This passcode will be the second layer of security on your mobile app and will replace Duo on future logins.

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