Box: Box Notes FAQs

How do Box Notes work in folders that have been synced?

Box Notes are synced to your computer like other documents, and will appear in your Box Sync folder. Box Notes will open in your browser. and you cannot access them while offline. The folder containing Box Note images will not be synced.

Who can collaborate on my Box Note?

Collaborators and permission settings are determined at the folder level. So, your Box Note will automatically be available to anyone who can view the folder and will be editable by anyone with editor access to the folder.

How do I save a Box Note?

You don't have to! Box Notes automatically save to Box every few seconds.

How do Box Notes work on Box mobile apps?

Box Notes is available on Box for iPad and iPhone v 3.2.

Box Notes is supported on Android KitKat 4.4 and higher.

Are tables available on Box mobile apps?

Yes. The content in existing tables is editable, but it is not currently possible to create tables or change the table structure. On Android, tables are currently read-only.

How do I lock a Box Note while working on it?

You actually don't need to! Box Notes was built so that many people can work in the document at the same time.

Is there a way to manually create a version?

No, not at this time.

What happens to version history if I copy or move a note?

If you move a note the version history is retained. If you copy a note, its version history is not retained.

How is this feature related to version history within the Box webapp?

They are separate features. The regular Box webapp version history has been disabled (hidden) for Box Notes.

Are annotations saved in past versions?


Is there a way to see who made what changes in a version?

Not at this time, although it is a likely future improvement.

Is version history available on mobile?

Not at this time.

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