AASTRA 9116LP Telephone - Add telephone features to Hot Keys

The AASTRA 9116LP telephone can store telephone number sequences in two locations:

  • The Directory can store up to 20 Names and Phone numbers.
  • The Memory keys along the lower right side of the telephone can store up to 15 Names and Phone numbers (7 normal, and 8 shifted).

The phone can store either a normal phone number, or it can be a dialing sequence that performs a specific task on the UMN Phone system. It is probably best to reserve the Memory Hot Keys for telephone network features (such as Transfer, Call Forward, Voicemail, Do Not Disturb, etc), and reserve the Directory for actual telephone numbers that you dial frequently.

These instructions are for adding telephone features to Hot Keys.


To save a telephone function into a Hot Key

  1. The Hot Keys that are available to program are: the seven AASTRA memory key icon keys along the lower right side of the phone. Or you can press the AASTRA shift key icon key followed by the AASTRA memory key icon key that you want to program. You can also choose to program the AASTRA shift key iconAASTRA shift key icon key (shift of the shift key).
  2. To begin, press K. The screen prompts you with SAVE TO? 
  3. Press the Hot Key you wish to program (one of the options mentioned in #1 above).
  4. The screen prompts you to ENTER NUMBER
  5. Type in the dialing sequence from the chart below. To add Flash as part of a dialing sequence, press the AASTRA flash key icon is shown. key.
  6. Press AASTRA save key icon. The screen prompts you with ENTER NAME. If you do not wish to add a name, skip to step #8
  7. Enter the name of the telephone function you are adding to this Hot Key: Tap the dial pad key that contains the first letter of the name, and keep tapping that key until you see the correct letter on the screen. Then using the navigational keys, press the right arrow key to advance to the next character in the name, and repeat the process until you have entered the entire name. To insert a space, press the right arrow key again. To erase a mistake, press the left arrow key and then the AASTRA delete key icon is shown. key.
  8. Press AASTRA save key icon. The screen displays SAVED: MEMORY KEY
    AASTRA analog phone feature table is shown, feature key combinations are detailed.