FeedbackFruits offers a suite of academic technology tools that support a variety of peer learning activities. The University is currently licensing four FeedbackFruits tools, integrated into Canvas, that support self-assessment,  peer review, and group member evaluation.


  • Facilitate a variety of peer learning instructional strategies to meet a range of pedagogical needs.
  • Engage student learning with peer or self reviews based on predefined criteria, evaluation, and feedback
  • Promotes a consistent, streamlined interface for both instructors and students for all FeedbackFruits tools
  • Integrates seamlessly with Canvas Assignments or Modules 

FeedbackFruits offers live chat support for both teachers and students (24/5, Monday- Friday). 

Note: FeedbackFruits works best when used in Chrome or Firefox browsers.

Getting Started

To use FeedbackFruits in Canvas, instructors can link to the tool either as a graded assignment or as an ungraded module item. These four tools are available:


Pedagogical Use

Example Use Case

Group Member EvaluationStreamline how students assess their peer’s collaboration skills. The instructor specifies criteria students use to evaluate their peers’ contribution to group work. 
  • Students give feedback on their peers’ collaboration skills during a group project. 
  • Personalize group grades based on individual contributions to group work. 
Peer Review Enables instructors to create assignments for students to provide feedback to their peers on deliverables (e.g., documents or videos) based on predefined criteria.
  • Students peer assess each other's draft reports before the final hand-in to teachers. 
  • Students upload videos of their work for peers to review and provide feedback. 
Skill ReviewFacilitates instructor feedback on activities such as presentations, oral exams, or interviews. Students are not required to make a submission. 
  • Review students’ group presentations. 
  • Evaluate oral exams. 
  • Review negotiation skills. 
Self-AssessmentAllow students to review themselves based on predefined criteria, provide scores, and feedback
  • Students evaluate themselves and determine which aspects they should work on improving

Integration into Canvas