The University of Minnesota is home to nearly 90,000 people. In a community of this size, not everyone accesses digital content in the same way - but every member of our community must be able to navigate and understand that content.

The Digital Accessibility Badging Program teaches you how to create emails, slide decks, documents, and more in an accessible way, without using code.  In each self-paced online workshop, you will learn skills and apply them to your everyday work. You may choose to take as many workshops as you like. You will receive a digital badge highlighting the skills you demonstrated in the final project for each training.

This program is created as a collaboration between the Digital Accessibility Stakeholders Group, the Disability Resource Center, the Office of Information Technology, and many other University resources. It is an outcome of the Digital Accessibility Charge by Bernard Gulachek (VP & CIO) and Julie Showers (Interim Associate VP for Compliance).

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What's in the digital badge

A digital badge is an image that carries metadata, validating the skills you demonstrated in a training. Digital badges are shared online through social media and other professional development platforms, such as LinkedIn. You can earn a digital badge that showcases your skills for each training course you complete after Digital Accessibility: Foundations.

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