Example 250: Advisory: Google Services Abuse Advisory

Agencies warn of increase in cybercriminal abuse of Google Voice and Google Docs.

According to Security Week, cybercriminals are making increasing use of Google services to scam consumers. 

The Google Voice scam involves scammers posing as potential buyers for or responders to online postings, such as items for sale or lost pets). For more details about this scam, including how to protect yourself, see the Oregon FBI Tech Tuesday posting

The Google Docs scam, the attackers use a comment containing a malicious link in a Google doc with an @ to a particular user email account. For more details, see the full article from Avanan, a security company. Protecting yourself from this scam involves the same steps as anyone sharing a Google document with you; as always, be suspicious of links in email, particularly if unexpected.

Indicators of a scam

  • Suspicious and/or unexpected.
  • Spelling errors and typos.
  • Urgency or attempts to rush you.
  • Requests to share information, such as Google Voice authentication codes, that you should not share.

What to do if you receive one of these:

You may forward the notice or report the call to [email protected]; however, there may not be much we can do since these will all be from Google senders.