How-to Instructions

Request an Information Security Consultation

University Information Security is available to consult on:

  • security of technology solutions or services provided by vendors (during the purchase, contract, or ongoing review of vendor/supplier attestations), or
  • ad hoc security questions involving University private data.

To request a consultation, email and provide as much of the following information related to your request, where applicable:

  1. Description of what you would like to consult University Information Security on (e.g., consultation on purchasing a course system where students collect private data using a mobile device).
  2. Data security classification and examples of the data (e.g., Private- Restricted including Student IDs).
  3. Security level for the information technology (e.g., High, Medium or Low).
  4. Brief description of the scope (e.g., enterprise, campus, college, department, or work group).
  5. Brief description of the use cases involved (e.g., scheduling appointments and reporting on attendance).
  6. Other subject matter experts or contacts for your request.
  7. Your timeline/urgency for this request.

Once University Information Security receives your response to these questions, we'll be able to determine who from our team will be assigned to work with you on your request and other information we may need.