Upcoming Changes to VPN Client

Planned change announcement block with Cisco logo and copy reading "Upcoming Change to VPN Client"

On January 23, 2024 the VPN (virtual private network) client will change from Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client to Cisco Secure Client for University VPN users systemwide.

Why is the change happening?

The VPN client is being upgraded to Cisco Secure Client to maintain the University’s current security standards and requirements.

User impact

Though users will notice some changes in the interface’s appearance, the client’s functionality will remain the same. 
Users will experience the upgrade in one of two ways:

  • Automatic: As soon as they turn on their University-managed device, users can expect to receive the upgrade in the background on or after the upgrade date. 
  • In-line: This upgrade requires that users login to Cisco client on or after the upgrade date.

Note: Some Windows users may be prompted to restart their computers immediately after the upgrade is completed for the changes to take effect. As with any restart, users should save any work prior to restarting to avoid loss of data.


Messaging about the change of VPN client will be communicated broadly to the University community in Brief and on MyU as we approach the date of implementation.