UMN Email and Google Workspace: Access Timelines and How-Tos

Changes to UMN email and Google Workspace

Beginning on June 1, 2024, after non-emeritus faculty, staff, and students depart the University, their UMN email and Google Workspace will be closed and the contents within will be deleted—including the accounts of people who retire or graduate.* 

Visit the Leaving the University self-help guide to learn when access to technology changes, transition timelines, and how to prepare.

Retain Files after Collaborators Leave the University

If you use files shared with you from a collaborator's Google My Drive and that collaborator leaves the University, those files will require action for you to have continued access. Visit the Google Workspace: Retain Files After Collaborators Leave the University resource get learn more about factors important to Google file retention, including:

  • Understanding the difference between files shared from an individual’s Google My Drive and those shared within in a Google shared drive in which you are a member
  • Timelines for account transitions and closures, shared file availability, and deletion
  • Action to take to retain files before a collaborator's account is closed, and if necessary, after how to find Google files shared with you after a collaborator's Google account is closed


*People who graduated or retired before June 1, 2024 are considered the legacy or transition population. Visit the Changes to UMN Email and Google Workspace page to learn about timelines and resources.