OUCH! Newsletter: Avoid Common Email Mistakes

OUCH! Newsletter: Avoid Common Email Mistakes

Email is one of the primary ways we communicate, in both our personal and professional lives. We can be our own worst enemies when using email. The October 2021 edition of the “OUCH!” newsletter describes the five most common email mistakes, including auto-complete and reply-all, and how to avoid them.

Cybercriminals continue to prefer to use malicious links or attachments in an email to trick us into installing malware or giving access to our and the University’s data. If in doubt about whether to open a link or attachment, forward the email to [email protected] for a second opinion.

We encourage you to share OUCH! with your family, friends, and coworkers.

See University Security Policies Information Security, Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources, and Information Security Standards for additional information. Learn how to report information security issues.

"OUCH!" is a free, online security awareness newsletter designed for the common computer user. Published every month, and in multiple languages, each edition is carefully researched and developed by the SANS Securing the Human team, SANS instructor subject matter experts, and team members of the community. Each issue focuses on and explains a specific topic and actionable steps we can take to protect ourselves, our families, and our organization. All SANS requests are that we do not modify or sell the newsletters.