Google Workspace Storage Allocations

Google Workspace: Storage Allocations

As of October 26, all University of Minnesota Google Workspace accounts will indicate storage allocations according to one’s role or account type. No action is required as a result of this change and all faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to continue using Google Workspace for  work and studies. 

Storage allocations were determined based on extensive analysis of current Google Workspace usage and are intended to be generous and supportive of University work and studies. 

Please note: If you currently have more data stored in your Google workspace account than is allocated to your role, you still do not need to take any action. All accounts that exceed the allocation as of October 26 will automatically receive additional storage with ample additional storage space.

Role Storage Allocation
Faculty300 Gigabytes
Staff100 Gigabytes
Student50 Gigabytes
Account TypeStorage Allocation
Departmental 50 Gigabytes
Student Organization20 Gigabytes
Sponsored 20 Gigabytes

For more information visit the Planned Change: Google Storage Allocation page.

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