Canvas Release Notes January 2022

Canvas logo on white field, next to a gold field with text January 2022 Release notes

Updated Features


Course Navigation Menu State

  • The expanded or collapsed state of the Course Navigation Menu persists throughout all Canvas courses.
  • The menu state is applied on a per-user basis and retained for all courses where the user is enrolled.
Left side, arrow pointing to open menu options in Canvas course; Right side,Arrow pointing to collapsed menu navigation in Canvas course


Missing Status Removal

  • When a grade is entered manually for a missing submission, the missing status is removed.
  • When a submission is missing it is indicated with a red color in the assignment column of the gradebook. Previously this would persist even after a manual grade had been entered. This update will align the gradebook color with an on-time submission.
  • Removing the entered grade does not replace the missing label.


Unposted Comment Warning

  • When a grader creates a text, media, or audio comment and tries to advance to the next student or a previous student for the assignment, the grader is notified that the comment has been created but not posted.
  • This warning can be disabled for the assignment by selecting the do not show again checkbox when the warning appears.

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