Additional Built-in Pronouns Available in MyU and Canvas

racially diverse and various gendered cartoon people each wear a different color of the rainbow on their shirts that depict different pronouns

In response to student, faculty, and staff requests, “she/they” and “he/they” personal pronoun options are now available from the built-in drop-down menus in Canvas and MyU.

Designate or update your personal pronouns

The following how-to instructions will guide you through the process of adding or updating your personal pronouns in Canvas and MyU:

Who can see my personal pronouns?

Canvas After you add your personal pronouns to your Canvas Profile, for all Canvas courses you are enrolled in, instructors and course participants can see your pronouns within your Canvas course sites in a variety of places. MyU If you decide to share your personal pronouns in the MyU My Info tab, your pronouns will be included along with other information provided to University employees. Examples of where your personal pronouns will be available: The class roster provided to instructors and staff including your photo The student record in University systems that advisors and other student services staff use to work with you (Advisor Center, APLUS, and PeopleSoft)

Why are Personal Pronouns important?

Pronouns are one of the ways we portray our identities. When someone asks you to use their pronouns, they are asking for you to respect their identity. Using the correct pronouns communicates respect and validation and promotes a sense of belonging. Learn more about personal pronouns.

Technical Assistance

If you need technical assistance, refer to the self-help information provided, or contact Technology Help at, [email protected], or call 612-301-4357.