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IT Governance is the process by which our customers’ technology needs from many different facets of this community are discovered and how those needs are met successfully through a defined decision-making process, sustainable funding model, and an implementation phase.

Everyone at the University is invited to tell us what they need from IT via an input survey and individual meetings. There are many ideas about what IT should be doing. We listen to all of these voices, and have the students, faculty, the governance groups, the deans, and our business partners direct our work.

To do this, the Associate CIOs (ACIOs) gather broad input about IT needs and weigh them against each other, and then ask University executives to use this information to set our direction. This way we are able to ensure that the projects and initiatives we work on are the ones that the University most urgently needs.

All IT professionals are able to have input into the larger governance process, but our primary role is to figure out how to implement the priorities (via communities of practice) identified through the annual governance process.