Setup Guides


Visual guides are currently under construction, but you can find further instructions about how to log in to eduroam under the Login Instructions section of this site. Please feel free to contact technical support with any questions or comments regarding this network.

UofM Secure (Recommended)

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) recommends all University of Minnesota (University) employees and students use the "UofM Secure" wireless service using Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2). This is a wireless security standard that provides strong data security and network access control. WPA2 limits network usage to authorized users by requiring user authentication. Another feature of WPA2 is data encryption, which secures wireless network traffic from eavesdropping. To set up your computer for WPA2 encryption, select one of the guides below:

UofM (Unsecured)

Operating systems older than Windows XP and Mac OS X may not be able to connect to the "UofM Secure" network.  For instructions about how to set up your computer to access the unsecured "UofM" network, select an operating system:

For instructions about logging on to the WPA2-encrypted "UofM Secure" network or the unsecured "UofM" network, see the login instructions.