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Enterprise Access Requests

Obtain secure access to the University's enterprise systems, including PeopleSoft, Data Warehouse, and reporting systems. 

Request Access

Provisioning and Requests (PAR) manages information access and system security for the University's enterprise systems, including PeopleSoft, Data Warehouse, and reporting systems. We partner with the Student, Financial and Human Resources Data Custodians to respond to your access needs.

  • Users who need access to enterprise systems that require additional authentication beyond the standard Internet ID and password must follow the request and approval processes to gain access.
  • PAR is working to convert the PDFs into ServiceNow to eliminate the need for attachments.


Find the Right Web Form, or Web Form and PDF

For some requests, you only need to fill out a request form in ServiceNow. Others require you to complete and attach a PDF to the ServiceNow form.

If you don't know what form you need, call the helpline of the system you are trying to access:

  • Human Resources Helpline: (612) 624-8647
  • Student Records Helpline: (612) 625-2803
  • University Financial Helpline: (612) 624-1617


Complete and Submit the Web Form, or Web Form and PDF

  • Web Form

    • Complete the form online and select Order Now.
  • Web Form and PDF

    1. Open and save the PDF file before filling it out. If you do not, your answers may be lost.
    2. Type your responses on the PDF, then save the file again.
    3. Open the ServiceNow Access Request Form (ARF).
    4. Complete the form online, attach the PDF, and select Order Now.


Wait for Approvals

  1. The person for which access was requested and his or her supervisor will be asked to approve access via email.
  2. The approver will be contacted to confirm the level of access necessary.
  3. The supervisor or provisioning specialist will notify you of any training requirements.
  4. A provisioning specialist will complete the request and notify the user via email.

Find Forms and Attachments

Intended Audience

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