We are in the planning stages for future workshop offerings. Below you will find topics and resources from our 2015 flipped workshop series.

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Resources from 2015 workshops


Universal Design and Accessibility in Online Teaching

The University's strategic plan calls on us to reject complacency by empowering members of the University community to achieve. Your ongoing commitment to Universal Design (UD) and accessibility is key to empowering your students to learn. Through activities, discussions and reflections, participants in this flipped workshop will learn and practice ways to apply Universal Design and accessible practices to online and hybrid courses.

Universal Design and Accessibility in Online Teaching Moodle site

Flipping Your Course

In this workshop, we will explore how to get started on "flipping" your class by modelling a flipped class! Before the workshop, you will review videos/written materials on flipped classrooms and reflect on how this model could work for your teaching and learning needs. During the workshop we will use discussion and activities to identify opportunities and difficulties you may encounter as you work toward converting selected content resources to a flipped model. After participating in this workshop you will understand the breadth of what a flipped classroom implies, be able to choose and structure both online content and face-to-face activities, and know where to get resources/help.

Flipping Your Class Moodle site

Multimedia Presentations: Designing for Engagement

In addition to your content, what else do you consider when designing an online presentation? Slide layout, color, and fonts? Interactivity? Accessibility standards? All of the above! Before we meet you will review visual design resources while reflecting on your own instructional goals. When we meet you will apply visual design guidelines via activities and discussion. You will leave with the knowledge and skills to design accessible, information-rich, visually-effective online learning experiences.

Multimedia Presentations Moodle site

YouTube Your Course

Learn some tips and tricks on how to deliver your course content via YouTube, either on its own or through your Moodle course site. You will learn about various sharing options and some of the lesser known capabilities of YouTube such as analytics, captions, annotations, and video editing.

List of useful links

YouTube Your Course Moodle site

Creating Effective Course Videos

Whether you want to record an interview, demonstrate a process or present your lecture via video, planning is key! A good planning process makes video production easier, will help you become a better presenter, and help you create videos that will be well received by your students. Before the workshop we will provide materials on the planning process. When we meet you will have the opportunity to record a short video, and review each others' efforts. You may work on materials for your own project (such as scripts and interview questions) or work with materials we provide.

Create Effective Course Videos Moodle site

Online Assessments

Provide your students with multiple ways to demonstrate what they know through self assessment, peer feedback, and instructor assessment. Prior to the workshop you will review fundamentals of effective assessment and tools that support diverse assessment strategies. When we meet you will receive feedback on your own assessment strategies from peers and instructors.

Online Assessment Moodle site