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UMWiki retirement set for June 30, 2016

UMWiki will be retired on June 30, 2016

The University’s Collaboration & Web Content Services team has announced a June 30, 2016 date for the retirement of the UMWiki service. 

Steve Nguyen, service director, Collaboration & Web Content services, says the wiki platform, first introduced to the University in 2005, was implemented to meet a need that other technologies could not provide at that time.

“Since then, more user-friendly alternatives have become available at no cost,” Steve explained. “Retiring UMWiki supports the University’s operational excellence strategy by reducing duplicative services.”

New site alternatives

Google Sites is anticipated to be the most popular alternative for users because it offers a more modern and user-friendly interface and has unlimited capacity.

Like UMWiki, Google Sites can be used to create sites that are available to the general public or to just a few individuals who can create and edit content. Benefits of Google Sites include the ability to:

  • Create password-protected sites that are accessible to designated students, faculty and staff in your group, department or college.

  • Allow multiple people to contribute and review/approve content.

  • Customize interfaces and functionality (with the help of a developer).

  • Publish or consume RSS feeds.

  • Collect and publish comments from site visitors.

To learn more about the features of Google Sites and other alternatives, and to identify which one best fits users’ needs, see the University’s Website Solution Selection Guide.

Migrating information to a new site/storage location

While users can add pages to existing sites in the interim, no new UMWiki sites will be allowed from this date forward. Steve recommends that customers migrate their information to another platform.

Because new alternatives such as Google Sites are simple and user-friendly, the process of migrating information should be relatively easy. Detailed instructions to help facilitate this process can be found here.

Users who decide to migrate to another web hosting service can request a zip file of their Wiki site as a starting point.

“We’re here to support UMWiki users and provide any assistance that’s needed,” Steve said, noting that his team is reaching out to existing UMWiki users to warn them about and provide assistance regarding this retirement process.


If you have questions about migrating UMWiki content, please contact Technology Help.