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Video and Conferencing Services

A toolbox for end users and connected services to manage online media assets throughout the entire life cycle of that asset (creation, distribution, retirement).

Service Offerings

Classroom Recording

Techsmith Relay is a software-based screen capture solution that can be used for class capture, software demonstrations, and more.

Conference Call Graphic

Enjoy pay-as-you-go phone conferencing from West Communications (formerly Intercall).

In-Room Video Conferencing

Consultants from the Office of Classroom Management (OCM) are available to help faculty and staff explore how to incorporate video conferencing technology into their academic and administrative areas. Recieve help with room design, technology, and vendor selection. In addition to consulting, OCM offers scheduling and support of bridged multiparty video conference calls.

Media Processing and Management

Technicians and developers maintain a set of software platforms such as Kaltura, Media Mill, Media Magnet, Media Hub, and YouTube to provide the necessary storage, processing, analytics, access controls, and successful delivery of video content to desktops and mobile devices both inside and outside of the University.

Media Production Spaces

We offer both a large (sound stage) and small studio recording space in the Rarig Center on West Bank.  The room is designed to bring your own gear (video camera, tripod, audio equipement and lighting).  If you need a more turn-key set up, we have 1:Button studio space which is also located in the Rarig Center which includes all the neccessary gear to create a simple video.

photos streaming across the screen

The University of Minnesota has signed a multi-year agreement with VideoBlocks for Education to provide free access to a suite of video clips, audio clips and graphics to students, faculty, s

UMN Television

In an effort to lower operating costs we have invested in our own television cable service known as UMN-TV. This is both a coaxial and IPTV solution offered on the Twin Cities campus only.

Video Event Onsite Support

We provide on-site technical assistance for webcasts of meetings and events through WebEx, Livestream or YouTube Live.

Online Web Conferencing

This service enables members of the University community to host adhoc and scheduled online meetings with audiences up to 1,000 people.