RETIRED: Using Mailing Lists

RETIRED: Replaced by and redirected to the new Google Groups technology page

Mailing List Services are provided mainly through Google Groups. Google Groups can be used by a team of users to collaborate with one another either via email, or any of Google's various applications.

Google Groups, a tool for a team of users to quickly collaborate with one another either via email, or any of Google's various applications, is available with Google Apps for the University of Minnesota.

Google Groups is all about helping users connect with people, access information, and communicate effectively over email and on the web. With members of your team all in the same group, Google Groups makes it easy for sharing things like Google Calendars and Docs with one another.

Users are assigned roles that determine what he or she can do within a group. Participants subscribe to groups and participate in group discussions, and group managers create new groups and manage group members, discussions, and other settings. 


Listserv is an older list management tool that continues to fill a small, but important niche at the University. For those rare instances where a Google Group isn’t the best fit, Listserv remains available. If you have questions about which tool is right for your needs, contact Technology Help.

What Can You Do?

  • Create email groups.
  • Create a question-and-answer customer support group for a product or service.
  • Organize meetings, conferences, or social events among members of a group.
  • Find people with similar hobbies, interests, or backgrounds.
  • Read group posts through email, the online interface, or both.

Other Features

  • Use rich-text editing to customize your posts.
  • Find all of your discussions in one place.
  • Organize with favorites and folders.
  • Choose to follow along via email.
  • Access Google Groups on your computer, tablet or smartphone with Google Groups Mobile.