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University Information Security

University Information Security enables faculty and staff to use common information security practices that are available to the University of Minnesota community. 

Service Offerings

Information Security

The University Information Security handles security incident reports and responses.

Information Security Consulting

Our staff consults with University members about a wide array of topics.

credit card security

Our staff works with the University Controller's Office and University units who accept credit cards to protect credit card data following the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS).

policies practices

University Information Security collaborates with the University community to review and develop University of Minnesota information security policies and standards to protect University data and information technology.

Graphic depicting cycle of risk monitoring.

The University’s Information Security Risk Management (ISRM) program can help you safeguard your department or unit's data and information technology assets, and comply with security regulations, policies, and standards.

Intrusion Detection

Our staff monitors and responds to threats against the University's systems along with using threat assessment and a risk based approach to mitigate the threat or risk to the University.

security vulnerability graphic

This service provides tools to University units to detect, fix and report on security vulnerabilities for systems and software.