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Transition Online Training

Learn about the University's transition from ULearn to The Training Hub

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Since The Training Hub system is currently under development, transition activities for your online courses will split in two phases: activities that you can do now and those you can do after the Training Hub becomes available in May.


In addition to the recommended preparation activities for all training administrators, you can:

If your online training content is in ULearn

  • You will need to locate the original zipped file of your SCORM content. If you do not have access to the original file, the content will need to be recreated.

  • Please note: SCORM modules may have to be repackaged. We strongly recommend that you test your SCORM content to ensure that it can be uploaded and launched successfully in Canvas. How-to instructions are available.

If your online training content is in Moodle

  • Plan to transition your content by May. Contact if you do not have a contact on the Canvas Transition team.

In May

When The Training Hub becomes available to training administrators in May, you can complete the following steps to set up your courses. Please note: courses that must be available in June, should be entered into The Training Hub in May.

  1. Create a course in The Training Hub. Creating a course in The Training Hub will auto-create a Canvas training site that includes the required integrations.

  2. Import your course content from the Canvas development site to the auto-created Canvas training site.

  3. Set completion criteria in the Canvas training site.

Contact Us

If you have questions about the transition, contact us at