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Prepare for the Transition

Learn about the University's transition from ULearn to the Training Hub

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For All Training Admins

While the Training Hub system is under development, we recommend that all ULearn training administrators begin preparation activities, including:

  • Run and Save Reports

    • If you wish to retain data from ULearn, such as enrollment histories and evaluations, we recommend you run reports.
  • Inventory Promotional Materials & Create Z Links

    • If you reference your training courses or “ULearn” in any materials (e.g., website, print material, onboarding documents, etc.), you need to update them with links and information about the Training Hub.
    • If you need to update your course links for print and electronic communications before the Training Hub becomes available, we recommend Z, a URL shortening service. You can create a Z link for a ULearn course now, publish the Z link across websites and print materials, and then when a course has a new URL in the Training Hub, simply log in to Z and edit the course’s custom link. With this method, you’ll only need to update your link in one location—no need to reprint or edit multiple web pages.
  • Transition Online Training Course Content

  • Contact the Transition Team & Get Updates

Activites for when the Training Hub is Available in May

Look here for updates on additional transition steps when the Training Hub become available to training administrators.

Contact Us

If you have questions about the transition, contact us at