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Learn about the University's transition from ULearn to The Training Hub

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The University of Minnesota will discontinue using ULearn, and will transition to a new system to administer and track training by June 30, 2018. The new system will leverage the University's existing investment in Canvas, our new enterprise online learning management system (LMS), with a front-end user interface, or hub, under development by the Academic Health Center.


As the technical teams prepare The Training Hub, the transition team is working with those who currently have courses in ULearn to understand transition needs. Units will transition their ULearn courses in spring and early summer. ULearn will be retired and unavailable as of June 30, 2018.

2017-18 Transition to Training Hub milestones

Transition Activities Timeline



  • The Training Hub becomes available to training administrators. Administrators can begin creating courses in The Training Hub.
  • Drop-in clinics will be scheduled.
  • Courses that must be available in June should be entered in The Training Hub in May.
  • Learners should complete online training offered through ULearn by May 31.


  • The Training Hub will be available to learners in early June.
  • ULearn will be completely unavailable as of June 30, 2018.
  • After June 30, course content and user data will be permanently unavailable from ULearn.
  • Training completion data will continue to be available in the Data Warehouse. Learn more on the Training Data and Reports page.

The Training Hub Features

  • Ability to assign training to UMN faculty and staff
  • Ability for UMN students, faculty, staff, and guests to self-enroll
  • Ability to track training completion
  • Ability to set registration limits, prerequisites, and enrollment controls
  • Ability to compose and send scheduled email notifications to registrants
  • Catalog of available training courses
  • Self-help for training administrators
  • Technology Help available 24/7 

Contact the Transition Team

If you have questions about the transition from ULearn to The Training Hub, please email the transition team at


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