How-to Instructions

Training Resources for Information Security Awareness Course (ISA)

This 20-minute online course provides information security awareness training for all new staff and faculty, and others who must take this course to meet information security compliance at the University. You will receive an email notification about how to access the training in ULearn. A reminder email notification is sent if you have not completed the training within 20 days of assignment.

How to Complete the Course

  • The assigned course is available through ULearn (authentication required).
  • In the ULearn search, type in PJPD16.
  • Select the PJPD16 course and then select launch.

Online Training History

You can see the training history in your ULearn transcript and in the MyU Reporting Center. In MyU Reporting Center, select Human Resource Management > Human Resources > Training History. 


Contact Technology Help to get help answering questions such as the following.

  • Why am I required to take this course?
  • Where can I find the course?
  • I'm having trouble accessing the course; what do I do?
  • Why doesn't the training record show I have completed my course? 
  • I'm having trouble with ULearn; what do I do?