Room & Zoom: Teaching in a Blended Environment


Blended courses have a combination of in-person and online students who are able to interact but are physically separated. This mode may include “HyFlex” options. Is this a teaching mode you need to adopt due to evolving student needs? What does this entail and what strategies can you use to ensure a positive experience for both you and your students?

Learning Objectives

  • Define the key components of blended teaching
  • Identify the human and technical requirements
  • Evaluate teaching strategies for their appropriateness when students are in person or remote


  • Definitions (what is hyflex vs hybrid vs blended)
  • Set expectations for students
  • Determine the technical preparation and necessary resources needed
  • Checklist of things to do prior to the start of the term and before each class session
  • Identify pedagogical strategies to address in-person and remote learners

Who Should Attend

  • Instructors offering a Blended class format, which is also described as Partially Online -OR- Primarily Online
  • Instructors anticipating the need to teach both in-person students and those who can not come to campus, for example, International students

Additional Course Information


  • Susan Tade, Academic Technology Support Services
  • Mary Jetter, Center for Educational Innovation
  • Noah Holm, Office of Classroom Management

Accessibility & Accommodation Requests

We seek to foster a positive experience for all participants. If you have particular access needs (for example visual impairment, dyslexia, deafness, etc) please contact [email protected] so we can work together to get you as good an experience as we can. Accommodation requests for live captioning should be made two weeks prior to the webinar.