Jadu CXM Training: Setting up Workflows for Jadu XFP Forms

[6 hours, hands-on] This course introduces using Jadu CXM to set up workflows for Jadu XFP forms. We will work through an example, reviewing key concepts and identifying the information required to set up a CXM workflow. Then we will use CXM in conjunction with XFP to implement the workflow.

This course takes place in two three-hour sessions on two separate days.


Important: Participation in this Jadu CXM (workflow) training requires an understanding of Jadu XFP (forms) concepts and functionality as well as some experience using XFP.  How to create Jadu forms will not be covered in this class. 


  • Understanding key concepts in a Jadu CXM workflow process
  • Setting up a workflow for an example business process
  • Connecting XFP and CXM to move data between forms
  • Testing a completed workflow process

Who Should Attend

Attendees should meet the following requirements:

  • Have built at least one fully functional Jadu XFP form prior to the class session
  • Understand how to use rules and logic in Jadu XFP
  • Understand how to use action templates in Jadu XFP
  • Understand business process mapping