Google Sheets: Use Pivot Tables with Enterprise Data

[3.5-hours, hands-on] In this course, participants will learn how to use pivot tables and pivot charts in Google Sheets to quickly and easily summarize large sets of data for analysis, forecasting, and high-level reporting. We will work with a variety of HR, Financial and Student data spreadsheets extracted directly from the University of Minnesota Reporting Center.


This course was developed from use-cases identified by the Analytics and Data Integration FCoP.


  • Creating and modifying pivot tables to quickly summarize, group and filter data
  • Using calculated fields formatting for legibility and ease of use
  • Creating “dashboards” to give others a high-level view of data

We strongly recommend you review Google Sheets Essential Training, or have equivalent knowledge, before taking this class. Our in person Google Sheets classes are designed to complement one another but do not have to be completed as a series.

Wait List Guidelines

People on the waitlist are encouraged to attend the first day of class to see if a seat has opened for them.