Excel: Use Pivot Tables with Enterprise Data Analysis

[3.5-hours, hands-on, Windows only] In this course, participants will learn how to use pivot tables and pivot charts in Excel to quickly and easily summarize large sets of data for analysis, forecasting, and high-level reporting. We will work with a variety of HR, Financial and Student data spreadsheets extracted directly from the University of Minnesota Reporting Center.


This course was developed from use-cases identified by the Analytics and Data Integration FCoP.


  • Creating and modifying pivot tables to quickly summarize, group and filter data
  • Using calculated fields formatting for legibility and ease of use
  • Creating “dashboards” to give others a high-level view of data

Who Should Attend

We strongly recommend you review Excel: Creating Basic Spreadsheets, or have equivalent knowledge, before taking this class. Our three Excel classes are designed to complement one another but do not have to be completed as a series.