Design Challenge: Creating Authentic, Engaging Online Assignments

Student motivation and engagement may be increased through the use of authentic assessments. Authentic assessments are based on real-world tasks or context, provide increasing levels of challenge, and teach students to evaluate their own work and that of others. One common struggle that instructors face with using authentic assessments is that they can be challenging to design and implement.


This one-hour webinar will provide an understanding of how authenticity can lead to higher levels of engagement and motivation, look at concrete steps to creating an engaging and motivating assessment, and create the assignment using Canvas. We'll also brainstorm other technology tools you might be able to use. You’ll learn a replicable process that you can use for your other assignments or activities.

Who Should Attend

This webinar is geared towards instructors who use Canvas for teaching, course designers who develop Canvas courses, and anyone interested in creating authentic assignments.