Accessible Presentations


Do you know how to make your presentation slides accessible to people who use assistive technologies? Did you know that making your slides accessible often improves the design for all of your students? Join us as we discuss pertinent Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and how to meet them using Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint.

This session is one in a series of ATSS offerings that provides information about how to facilitate learner engagement with the instructor, other learners, and course content based on the University of Minnesota Guidelines for Online Teaching and Design

Other courses in this series include:


This webinar will address the following elements that can be included in presentations:

  • Images
  • Color
  • Videos
  • Links in presentations
  • Tables
  • Styles
  • Logical reading order

Whether you are in-person or online ensure that your presentations are inclusive. 

Who Should Attend

Instructors of all levels such as faculty, adjuncts, graduate instructors, graduate TAs, community faculty who are, or will be, teaching a course.

A basic familiarity with Canvas is recommended. Instructors new to Canvas should watch the Canvas Essentials recorded webinar prior to the workshop.