10 things students want their instructors to know about remote teaching


"The only time Canvas is not on my computer screen is if I'm in bed, or if it times out. It's always on.”

Students are continuously in Canvas. The University works with Instructure (Canvas) to identify areas where the tool can be improved. We wanted to get the student perspective on the performance of Canvas and what would enhance their learning experience. Toward this end, student focus groups were held in November 2019 and in November 2020. Undergraduate students shared their thoughts and experiences with Canvas. 

These sessions not only provided insights into potential Canvas improvements (information we share with Instructure-Canvas), they also provided insights into how instructors can design and support their students in Canvas. This session focuses on what students want their instructors to know about Canvas.

Who Should Attend

This webinar is geared towards instructors who use Canvas for teaching, course designers who develop Canvas courses, and anyone interested in designing learning environments that work for students.