IGN101 - Electronic Document Management with ImageNow

[1.5-hours, video series] This course introduces ImageNow, a document storage and retrieval system available to University of Minnesota departments. ImageNow allows users to easily find, share, and store documents securely and reliably.

This course covers topics that are beneficial to all ImageNow users. For Enterprise Financial Systems (EFS) users, this course provides a strong foundation for using ImageNow. However, the integration of ImageNow and EFS is not covered in this course. Training specific to working with ImageNow and EFS is incorporated into relevant financial management courses from Office of Human Resources - Training Services.


  • indexing documents 
  • retrieving indexed documents 
  • searching for documents
  • using simple and advanced queries 
  • viewing documents with PowerView 
  • adding annotations to documents 
  • routing and processing documents in workflow 
  • performing standard tasks in WebNow, the ImageNow web interface