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UM Analytics

Create, use, and share interactive dashboards, visualizations, and analyses.


UM Analytics is the University of Minnesota Business Intelligence and Data Analytics platform. Based on data in the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), UM Analytics is an enterprise tool that provides pre-built dashboards, visualizations and analyses published by the University’s central units. UM Analytics also enables campuses, colleges, units, and individuals to author and share their own ad hoc analyses, dashboards and visualizations.

Pre-built content is accessible through MyU via the Reporting Center in the "Key Links" menu.

Access to public data is open to current University of Minnesota faculty and staff. Access to private, restricted data can be requested.

Data subject areas and content include:

  • Finance
  • HR
  • Student
  • University Services, Space Management
  • Research


  • Access pre-built dashboards, visualizations and analyses
  • Use an easy, self-service ad hoc query tool to access predefined, integrated data subject areas
  • Leverage data across data subject areas to answer complex questions and gain insights
  • Create and share local analyses, visualizations and dashboards
  • Build multidimensional analyses (e.g., course enrollment by term type, campus, and college)
  • Create drillable dashboards and visualizations (hierarchical data)
  • Export data in multiple formats
  • Basic and advanced training is available for creating basic dashboards and analyses

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University-funded: No charge.