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Administer, track, and create reports about training opportunities.


Training Hub, the University's new training administration system, is now available

ULearn is no longer available to learners at the University of Minnesota. 

  • Visit Training Hub to browse available courses and enroll.
  • Learn more about the Training Hub and access the learner's self help guide on the Training Hub technology page
  • Course content and Data from ULearn will become permanently unavailable to anyone at the University on June 30. Learn how to run reports on ULearn data, and more on the training system transition web pages.

University offices can use ULearn, a learning management (LMS) system, to administer, track, and create reports about employee development or noncredit training opportunities, both online and instructor-led.

  • Employees use the tool to find and register for these opportunities and to track external training they have completed.
  • Some students use tool to complete compliance training associated with their degree programs.


  • The Office of Information Technology helps the Office of Human Resources integrate the components of the system.
  • The Office of Human Resources provides support to users of the tool.

Getting Started

  • Access the system and get support information on the ULearn webpage.

Intended Audience

Staff & Departments


University-funded: no charge