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A course management system for creating, managing, accessing, and participating in online learning materials and activities.


Faculty and staff may use Moodle, a course management system integrated with other related software, to create and manage online learning materials and activities for courses, training programs, and events.

Students or participants may use Moodle to access and interact online with online learning materials, with classmates, or the instructors.


The University is transitioning from Moodle to Canvas. All course sites using the centrally supported LMS will be required to use Canvas starting in the fall of 2019. For more information see, Canvas Transition.

You might also be interested in the guide on how to move your Moodle site to Canvas: Canvas Transition: Migrate a Course from Moodle to Canvas.


  • Information Sharing: Moodle offers numerous ways to share information by using tools such as Page, URL, Folder, Lesson, and Glossary.
  • Communication: Instructors and students can hold both synchronous or asynchronous online discussions using the Forum, Comment, and Chat tools.
  • Collaboration: Students and instructors can collaborate on course projects using tools such as the Wiki, Glossary, Database, and Choice.
  • Assessment: Instructors can assess students’ learning with tools such as Quiz, Question Bank, Assignments, Lesson, and Workshop, and store the results in the Gradebook.

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