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Hype Cycle for Education

Create and share information about emerging academic technologies at the University of Minnesota.


The hype cycles is an analytic model developed by the IT research and consultation firm Gartner Incorporated that describes the development, adoption, and diffusion of technologies in particular market sectors.

The University of Minnesota developed a tool based on Gartner's analysis so that the University community can continuously monitor emerging academic technologies as they progress along the innovation curve and evaluate the advantages of these tools in relation to the University's mission.


  • Learn about new academic technologies being piloted at the University of Minnesota.
  • Discover new ways of integrating technology into teaching and learning.
  • Share experiences and resources related to these technologies with the University of Minnesota community.
  • Collaborate with peers to organize local pilots, participate in the Hype Cycle advisory group, or join a centrally-supported pilot.

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University-funded: no charge.