Google Hangouts on Air
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Google Hangouts On Air

Broadcast live discussions and performances to the world through your YouTube channels.


Broadcast live to YouTube using a webcam and microphone. Hangouts On Air requires a YouTube channel, which is included in the University’s Google Apps suite. If you have not used your UMN Youtube channel, you will need to activate the account before broadcasting. Hangouts On Air has many of the same features as a regular Video Hangout, with a few important differences.

Note: Google Hangouts on Air is not available to some members of the Academic Health Center (AHC). Learn more about Google Hangouts use in the AHC and how to request an exception.


  • The Hangout will be recorded and published to the linked YouTube channel
  • A limit of 25 people can participate in the Hangout, but there is no limit on the number of people that can watch and submit questions
  • You can conduct a live “Questions and Answers” session using Google Slides
  • Hangout Hosts have additional controls over the Hangout environment via apps
  • While you can’t use all of the Apps available in a Video Hangout, you can use Screenshare to show Google Docs and other resources to viewers

Getting Started

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University-funded: no charge.