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Student Administration Services

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Student Administration Services manages the systems that support student administrative needs throughout the student life cycle. Student administrative functions include registration, tuition and billing, financial aid, and degree awarding.

Services & Technologies

Courses & Curriculum

Courses & Curriculum represents a group of systems for distributing information about the University’s course catalog and class schedule. It also includes systems that are used to manage and approve course offerings as well as available programs and curriculums of study.

Degree Requirements & Planning

Degree Requirements & Planning is a group of systems that allow students (and their advisors) to plan their course of student, monitor progress, validate that requirements have been met, and ultimately apply for graduation.

Education Abroad

The Education Abroad system allows students to apply for international learning programs.

Enterprise Student Administration

Enterprise Student Administration represents the modules of the core PeopleSoft Campus Solutions application; the modules facilitate the business functions of several core student business areas.

Grades & Transcripts

Grades & Transcripts is a group of systems that allow students to view their grades and obtain both unofficial and official transcripts. (Students have the option to allow parents/guests the ability to view their grades via the Parent/Guest Access application.)

Noncredit Student Administration

The Noncredit Course/Event Registration system allows individuals (both internal and external to the University) to register for noncredit courses that are delivered by various University units.

Parent/Guest Access

Parent/Guest Access is an application that allows students grant (and manage) access to view portions of their student record to others, usually parents or other guests. Parents/Guests view their granted access via the Parent/Guest Access application. For the most part, access granted via the Parent/Guest Access application is view-only. However, Parents/Guests who have access to their student’s Student Account can also submit an electronic payment.

Student Account & Bill Payment

Student Account & Bill Payment allows students (and their parents/guests authorized via Parent/Guest Access) the ability to view the current transactions posted to their account (e.g. tuition and fee charges, disbursed financial aid, other payments, etc). In addition, students (and their allowed parents/guests) can view their most recent billing statement and make electronic payments.

Student Admissions

The systems within the Student Admissions grouping provide prospective students with tools to learn more about the University’s campuses, to apply for admission, and to follow-up on previously submitted applications.

Student Financial Aid

The systems within the Student Financial Aid grouping provide students with tools for interacting with the University regarding their estimated or official financial aid awards (e.g., scholarships, grants, loans).

Student Holds

The Student Holds application allows students (and their authorized parents/guests) to view the list of current holds applied to their record.

Student Personal Information

The applications within the Student Personal Information grouping allow students to maintain several items of personal information, including: postal addresses, telephone numbers, emergency contacts, directory suppression preferences, and preferred name.

Student Registration

In addition to facilitating the registration transaction, the applications within the Student Registration grouping assist students with determining when they are allowed to register and provide a summary of the pertinent details related to their enrolled courses.

Tuition & Fee Setup

This system captures all student fee information to make the fee request and approval processes more efficient. Ultimately it facilitates more accurate and timely fee setup in PeopleSoft Student Financials and ensure that each unit receives the fee revenues approved in the annual budget process.

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David Imdieke

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