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Storage Services for the University Community

Find the right storage solution for your data, documents, and media that best fits your needs for security, availability, and performance.

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I need... What should I use?
Google Drive General Data Storage Storage for Servers Box Secure Storage MSI Request a Consultation
To access my data from anywhere   Access anywhere on campus or remotely through virtual private networks (VPN)    
To share access to my data with others        
Real time collaboration    
Unlimited storage    
To access the data from my on-campus laptop/desktop      
To store data processed by servers    
To store legally-protected data (e.g., health, student)    
To store Data identified with a high security level    
High-performance storage    
Archival (very long-term) storage      
I'm not sure what I need  

Learn About Cloud & Supercomputing Storage

While the no-cost University IT-provided storage options above will meet most researchers' needs, if you have the following types of data, you may need fee-based cloud, local research, or high-performance computing storage:

  • Significantly large files
  • A large amount of files
  • Complex data, applications, or content
  • Data related to grant-funded projects

The University has a strategic supplier agreement with vendors such as Cloudnexa to provide cloud storage services. In addition, the Minnesota Supercomputing Institute (MSI) offers local research storage, which is required by most grant-awarding agencies, and high-performance computing storage for data that requires the use of a framework such as Apache Hadoop.

Our data storage team can help you explore all these options.