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Storage & Data Protection Services

It is the mission of Storage services to provide high quality, cost-effective, easily consumable, storage services to its consumers. Storage services support the underlying centralized storage for most enterprise systems, and provide consistent and reliable storage management to the University of Minnesota. The storage service is offered in both block and file level formats. Backup services are internally consumed through other service offerings, such as Virtual Server Hosting and enterprise file systems.

Service Offerings

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The Office of Information Technology's (OIT) Data Protection service offering is part of our Storage and Data Protection Services. It is requested and implemented via the internal OIT request processes associated with our Hosting and Computer Management services and is covered under theStorage Services Service Level Agreement (SLA). Data protection takes place in one of two forms: replication and backup.

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Find the right storage solution for your data, documents, and media that best fits your needs for security, availability, and performance.