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Katie Bremer

Student Design Assistant

I joined Academic Technology Support Services (ATSS) in November 2015. I am the first student design assistant to work for ATSS, so my job continues to evolve. I started off editing subtitles for video lectures and moved to collaborating on video, multimedia, and instructional content for face-to-face, hybrid, and online courses at the University of Minnesota under the direction of professional staff members.

I have had the opportunity to collaborate on a video with James Ondrey and Lauren Marsh for the School of Nursing called “Planning and Facilitating Online Discussions.”  It was interesting to create the still graphics and then see how James animated them for the video. For the Provost’s Innovation In Teaching Showcase held in April 2016, I worked with Anna Olivero-Agney and Gabriela Sweet to create a poster for their BOSSA program. The poster went through many revisions and it was rewarding to see the final print. In addition, I designed the program for the Showcase event. I am looking forward to the more projects to come!


I am undergraduate student at the University of Minnesota pursuing a Graphic Design major. I have worked as a janitor, a concessionaire, a nanny, and for University Dining Services: this is my favorite job by far.

When I am not working or doing schoolwork, I enjoy playing soccer for the University of Minnesota’s women’s club soccer team and exploring downtown St. Paul and Minneapolis with my friends.