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Karen Shapiro

User Experience Professional

About My Work

What I Do

I'm a UX designer and a teacher. If you're a student, faculty member, guest, or staff at the University of Minnesota, you've used my work: I'm part of the teams that handle Duo (2-factor authentication), Training Hub (our customized training management system), and the website. If you're trying to solve a thorny problem, launch a new website, or choose alternatives for a technology that just doesn't meet your needs, let's work together.

Areas of Professional Expertise
Accessibility Audits - is your team's product fully accessible to all users, all the time?
Affinity Diagramming - a method to help your team prioritize their next steps, especially with limited resources.
Competitive Research - what other resources exist in our community that are solving the same problem? How can you team up or build off of their work?
Documentation - from style guides to step-by-step recipes, documentation helps all of your stakeholders get the most from your product.
Persona Development - a way of consolidating data in order to communicate with stakeholders, stay rooted in facts, and hold your work to a high standard of accountability.
Training - develop a scope and sequence, along with training materials, to help learners at all levels of tech-savviness master your product.

About Me

What I Love About My Job

  • I love going to bat for the end user. 

  • Whether their needs revolve around accessibility, language, motivation, or time management, I love to connect and dig deep so that I can understand them.

  • Then, I enjoy designing a streamlined, aesthetic product that meets the user's needs and the external constraints.